Who We Are

Slave Life is an independent publication whose mandate is to exhort the nations to exalt Jesus Christ at the end of the age.

The Maranatha life is central to everything we do and write. It is a lifestyle that acknowledges Jesus Christ as the Jewish Messiah[1], that He came once to redeem mankind unto Himself[2][3][4][5][6] and is coming again to seize the Earth as His inheritance[7][8]. Therefore, we live and exhort others to cry out to Him as a bride who says, "Come, Lord!"[9]

Because of this mandate and way of life, our content and community will be centered around exhortations, exaltations, exposition, and eschatology.


Why should we exhort one another? Because if we don't, some of us may become licentious and ignore the commands of our Lord and therefore become hardened to any correction or discipline.

But exhort one another every day, as long as it is called “today,” that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.

– Hebrews 3:13

Paul instructs us to exhort one another so that this does not happen. What does it mean to exhort? We are to urge one another one ward with strong encouragement to press on and not stop seeking the presence of our Lord, to lay aside every hindrance that clings so closely[10].

Out of love for you, we will exhort you to surrender to and exalt Jesus Christ and to give Him the glory that is due His name.


Jesus Christ has taken the sins of the world upon Himself for our redemption and reconciliation God and has therefore been given all authority and power[11] and a name that is above all names[12].

Therefore, we urge you to live a life worthy of the calling that you have received[13] and to exalt Jesus Christ above everything you do that He might have preeminence[14].

In everything we produce, we will seek the glorification of Jesus Christ as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


Occasionally we will highlight passages and threads throughout the word of God that are not generally covered on traditional Sunday mornings. Due to the enormity of Scripture and the relative infrequency of Sunday mornings, there are many topics, threads, characters, and passages that are never discussed or even brought to light. Therefore, we want to pull out some of these details for study and for the mutual edification of the body of Christ.


The study of the end of the age is of paramount importance because our blessed hope is in the appearing of our Lord[15]. We are instructed to know the season of His return even if we do not know the day or the hour[16][17].

Generally speaking, we do not hold to the pre-tribulation view of the Lord's return. Many of the articles we produce will focus on eschatological passages and verses to have a complete understanding of the Day of the Lord and the millennium during which He will reign on the Earth.


We are building a community of believers to exhort their churches and fellowships to send out those who are called to go and to support them completely. For believers in Jesus Christ, there are those who go and those who support them; anything else is disobedience.

It is time that the bride of Jesus Christ make herself ready to receive Him when He comes. We send out weekly content to those who are subscribed with exhortations and resources for the body to move into her identity as the bride of Christ.

If you subscribe you will have full access to all the content we produce. Your subscription helps build the community and allows for Slave Life to exist. Thank you!

Maranatha. Come, Lord Jesus!


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