Do you remember Him?

How often do you remember the Lord? Do you give him the time that he desires?

Do you remember Him?
Photo by Andrés Dallimonti / Unsplash

God instituted Passover to remember what He did to bring Israel out of bondage[1]. He formed the Sabbath to remember that He is a good master who gives His servants rest[2]. Do you recall His good and majestic deeds? Now is the time to remember what He has done for you[3].

When was the last time you remembered Him?

Maybe you were waiting for your coffee, and the thought of your Savior crossed your mind. Or perhaps you were gathering your children for a practice or recital, and the idea of Him took you by surprise. What mundane activity of yours did the thought of your King interrupt?

Did he blindside you? Did tears come to your eyes? Have you ever had these experiences? We need these times of utter captivation.

These interruptions must not be laid aside. Instead, these holy thoughts must be shared with others.

The central doctrine of Jeremiah 17:5-13 is a people who have forgotten about the God who saved them, how deceitful the heart of man is to have forgotten Him, and how blessed those who remember Him are.

Do you remember your Savior? Do you continually dwell in His presence[4]? When was the last time you sat at his feet in silence[5]?

Do you rest in your knowledge of Him? Do you have peace? Do you not know He is the Lord of the Sabbath[6]? It is through Him and Him alone that we can have peace.

Do you seek new revelations of who He is?

What bride ceases to know and understand her bridegroom better? Do you know that there is more to be had of Him[7]? Do you seek Him[8]?

We should be so captivated by Christ's beauty that it pushes us into deeper love. Are you still in love with Him? What love does not seek a deeper relationship? Have you lost your first love[9]?

Consider the proud waves on the beach to which the Lord said, "You may come no father"[10]. The Lord has made no such command that has stopped you from pursuing a deeper fellowship with Him. Yet despite this, we become proud of how far we've come and are complacent with the knowledge of Him.

He becomes lackluster when we take our eyes off Him and desire worldly things. We are fickle creatures who want what we look at. Take note of this when you desire something of the flesh and how He diminishes. Remember what John the Baptist said of Him; "He must increase, but I must decrease."[11]

This should apply to ourselves and every single thing that exalts itself above His name. Why? Because He has been exalted above everything that has a name[12].

There is nothing the world needs more than the revelation of the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The world is perishing for lack of knowledge [13] of the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is our express responsibility to share with them the revelation that has been given to us[14].

How can you share any revelation of who he is if you are not captivated by Him?

Seek to know Him and be rewarded by a deeper revelation of Him and His all-surpassing greatness[8]. When you grab ahold of who He is, you will shout Maranatha and go to the nations until He returns[15].


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